Cycling over, again.

I’m sure this news is unexpected for a plenty of people, but i’m cycling again over far lands.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-14 at 17.03.48.jpeg

The targhet is San Foca, the bottom of Puglia, region of Italy. I’m not alone, but with a big group of NO Tav, people aginst a big project (i’ll explain everythings during the travel, no worries).

Right now it’s 00.21 and i did not prepare anything for my trip. I’m not afraid to miss something. I’m feeling confident to prepare my luggages because it’s not my first long trip, i’m not alone and last but not list we have the support of a big van, so, it mean, A PLENTY OF ROOM and no weight for my back and my legs.

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In my mind i’ve a different Check List of stuff to take with me, and i’ve got the doubt to get unnecessary stuffs, but i’ve checked at all and i could have everything. I hope so. My room is mess again before another trip. I looking forward for that.


For new reader or previous supporter of my blog, the rules of my blog remained the same ever.

I try to publish an update of the previous day, everyday, before 12am. I try to do that, but i’m not sure. Sometime i could loose something.

Sorry for my english. I must improve it again because i’m long time far from England!

See you

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