[ENG] Guillestre – BUSSOLENO

I can’t hide my emotions. I’m worried and at the same time excited for the day. Behind the mountain which i have in front of me there is HOME, but i should climb it and i’m not really quiet. I admitt, the climb of the hill of Laffrey was one of the worst crisis of this journey and now i’m worried to have the same feeling of depression. But it’s the last one and i’m not alone. Alessandro it’s worried like me, but at 10AM we are ready to go.

Briancon arrive quite quickly. In the middle of the way we have just a break at the lake of Roches de Rames for change clotes. The wheter it’s perfect, just windy, but i’m not scared anymore about it. I start really to be wierd. More close i arrive to Briancon more i can reconize places, but with the difference who this places look so different rispect the point of view of the car.

In Briancon we have another break for lunch. I start to be concentrate, focused on the top of the mountain. It’s not the top. It’s a valic; the lower part of the peak of the mountain, but it’s still high and i never did it by a bike, even with heavy bags on the rear of the bike. We go over the Vauban City. Vauban. Do you remember him? It’s the same builder of fort and defensive tower of Luis XIV. In Brancon you can see a lovely city sorrounded by a big wall with caratteristic houses, one by one stuked really close to the next one, and on the top of the hill.

The climb start. The climb of the Col du Montgenevre. Many cylist overtake us, but we don’t care of then. We have got our speed, our problems. The col of Montgenevre has a street quite wide and start pretty leaning, but the way bends a lot and change direction up on the mountain. I can’t count the numbers of turn because i’m quite busy to cyclin on the top my bike and Ale as well. Every meter the point of view of the valley change.

The climb it’s much easy which i expecting. I’m not meaning easy. I mean better. Smooth. I have the time for breath. After a turn i don’t see anymore the peak of the colle. The reason it’s i’m on the top, or at few of meters from it. The frequency of cycling improve for the adrenaline. We arrive on the top. Sorted!

I’m emocioned. I hug Ale, but we don’t have time for celebrate. We are sweaty and it’s freezing. We should change clotes and go fast on the other side of Colle. After 1km there is the Italian border. Claviere. I refused to make a picture of the sign of ITALY. I desidered to do it, but the sign it’s been writing by someone with fascist an nazi symbols. I’m not confident with that, so we jump down to the ITALY!

The wind it’s on our back and it’s all Downhill. Just 50km without breath. We pass fast all city of my valley. Val Susa, the place where i’m born. This day it’s perfect, with a incredible day of sun and with this light the green of trees is more bright.


I’m feeling home when i’m on the top of SUSA and the valley in front of me, with Rocciamelone, the high mountain on the left which watch everything. In Italy we say: “my smile it’s so wide which with it i can bite my ear”.

photo_2017-04-18_08-34-12In Susa my family it’s come to bringh me home by bike! My mum and dad and my cusin Simone. Thanks so much. It’s really simbolic do the last kilometers togheter!

The rest it’s this. Arrive in BUSSOLENO after 1750km from LEEDS. Came back home it’s wonderful everytime, but came back with bike, with this style of travel it’s fantastic!

Now i’m without words!

Thanks to everybody! Keep in touch. Now i’m confuse, i can’t write something of emotional in this moment. i should realize where i’m and what i did!

Thanks followed me.


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