The allarm it’s set up early but i can enjoy the sunrise. The sunrise with alps. Gap it’s not far but a peak to climb it’s waiting me. It’s not really hard to pass and after that i’ve got a long downhill where i touch the speed limit of cars.

In Gap i have a break. It’s the saturday of easter so i find a big market and a mime. A classic French mime. When i put he money on is basket he start his acting. We even drink is invisible wine togheter (it was a little bit strong for me). In the main park it’s in course a iron bowls tournament

After Gap start the way for Briancon and it’s like a rollercoaster. Up and down for the valley.  No gain of altitude. Up. Down. Up down. After 20km i’m at the same altitude of Gap, after plenty of climbs and downhill.

But i’ve got a good now at the lake of Savine. My friend Alessandro is come by the bike for have the climb to Col du Montgenevre togheter. Happy to see him. Really. It mean i’m close!

Cyclin with other people it’s better. You help eachothers and the climb it’s more light. Our target is Guillestre. We booked a hostel for the night. At 700meters from the target Ale have a puncture. Good timing.

At Guilestre we enjoy the hard life of cyclist. Beer and sweets!

Today, i mean today, Easter, 16 april i’ll climb with Ale the col du Montgenevre. It’s my last obstacle before Italy. After that just the way for home.


Anyway this afternoon i will be in Bussoleno!!

See you later!

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