[ENG] Decize – Saint clement de Verse

I’m waked by the light of the sun. I’m still leazy and this is not good for the travel. Today i should gain many km and i leave the camping at 11. Decize it’s still wierd for me. I can not realize a Island on a river. Anyway i aim my bycicle to Burbon.

Cycling alone again it’s hard but i’ve got time for myself again. Sometime i’m concentrating so hard who i don’t note how much time is passed. I try to feeling the resistence of my body and sometime it’s asking another stop for rest. I should manage it. I can not stop everytime the body ask. Anyway for the way of Burbon the cow looked my like crazy. I’ve this feelig.

Burbon arrive after a couple of hours and at the begining of the city i find this.

You can trust me, i’m not totaly crazy, but this is the granpa of the granpa of the modern fridge and the industrial tirbine engine made in 1900.  There is a long explication about this old system, but for be honest i don’t understand so much. Anyway this system is allocated here becouse it was one of the first items for cooling chambers in the area. Pretty interesting.

Burbon has the same stuff of a village in France. Chatedral on the top, small street with carateristic architeture but there is a Thermal area. I have the temptation, but i shoul carry on with my journey.

I opted for avoid Macon. Probably the street is more easy but it’s more direct the way which is passing on the border between Loire and Rhone regions. I pass Digoin. I find another beautiful canal bridge. It is been finish in 1838 and ia long about 240meters.

Over Paray i get a secondary road and after 10 km from i find again the wild life but unfortunatly it’s starting a long series of climing. It’s full of hills a ahead I should pass a big hill which split the valley of Loire and Rhone. 

When i was thinking just about the road i find this two castel: castel of Drée and the castel of la Clayette.

The castel of Drée it’s a mansion of the 17th century. It’s a private castel, but it’s possible to visit the internal and the garden. From outside look beautiful, even in april. Curious the structures on the main entrance. That were a prison and a doves shelter and you can visit it out of time opening of the castel

The castel of la Clayette it’s a fort rounded by water. Was a protection fort but it’s very classy for the changes and resoration during the years. It’s a fort of 14th century but the last change are been made in 19th century. It’s a private castel and it’s not possible to visit it, but you can enjoy the panorama of the lake in front of it.

The eviroment around me it’s changing. Vegetation of this Area it’s familiar with conuferous trees and at one point of the hill a small river of fresh water it’s passing on my side. All it’s become more clear when i see a road sign with Lyon!

Lyon mean home. It’s the last big city before the border. I’m feeling wierd, happy, completly exited for arrive in Lyon. By the Frejus tunnel it’s just 2/3 hours from my home!

See you tomorrow


  1. Hi David
    I’m still following you and at some time will produce a map showing your route. Well best of luck enjoy
    Ray Bicknell


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