It’s the first morning with someone which you can share breakfast. Damian and I wake up and we start our usual personal routine. I admit i’m slow in the morning and Damian noted that from the begining of my morning. Anyway, he is kind to wait me. Ready to go and than we have a puncture, or for be honest he has a puncture. Damian is ready for everytingh. We removed the wheel and we started to check the tube. At list we find a small hole. There is no reason about this puncture, but maybe helped the fews of reparation did by Damian on his bike. He say it’s maybe to change tube and tyres. Maybe…

Anyway we cycling really fast. It’s quite easy cycle with him because you can chat about everything. Obvioisly he has got many story reached by his travels. Basicly he is been in every country of Europe, more or less, even a few of country in north africa. He will finish to visit the country of north europe, est and then is interested to go in south america. 

We arrive at la Charité. It apperar a quite normar village, but a part of this village is builted on a island. Yes, a island on the river and not really small. I don’t have a picture of the island because is impossible to noted. Anyway i’ve got picture of the church.

We carry on with the cycloroad. Damian did not find any palace for have music around the last part of “loire a velo” so we stoped at the last city of the cycloroute. Neveres.

A city with small street really similar to spanish ramblas. A big chatedral, a maison de la republique and a few of people around. Damien decided to have a little concert in the city center. I stay for a couple of songs and is time to go for me. Italy is waiting me. 

I think he use to say goodbye to the people very often. For me it’s the first one with a mate of road. I’m sad. He say i will feeling wierd because i should stay alone for many miles again and it’s true.

Bye Damian. See you soon.

I changed the plan. I supposed to go to Cheron, but it’s more far, so i decided for the direction of macon and follow for a few of miles the canal of the Loire. This is the area of Magnicours circuits for the supporter of racing. I find a anciet roman chappel and i finish my journey at Decize. Another city with the center on a island on Loire. Crazy how much the Loire is wide.

See you tomorrow!

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