[ENG]Saint benoit sur Loire-Banany

Wake up early morning and i must waste time on my inflatable mattress. I should repair a little hole on it. Just after a couple of km i find a beautiful castel. The Sully sur Loire’s castel. A lot of famous charaters stayed in the castel. Le roi soleil, Joan of Arc and plenty of members of French Aristocrazy from the 14th century, period of bulding of the castel. 

With the castle in front of me i have a good breakfast with tea and a bignet. I finish to write the blogs and i start to cycling on the side of Loire. During a stop on the side of the Loire i meet a great company. Damian. Trust me. If you think i’m crazy for this trip you should think worst the him (but he and i are quite agree about the people which is not doing this kind of stuff is crazy, so fair enough). He is on the road bmfrom two yeas. He is French with a plenty of past km on his legs. Big traveler and i’m feeling a rookie compared to him (and i’m). We are starting to speak many languages because he speak Franch, English, Italian and many words of every european languages. We decide the have a deal and speak english. 

He is on is bike full of bags. He is really organized, obviously, with maps, phone with gps, chargers for his hi-tec. Even he is aukulele and armonica player. He stop for one or two hour a day in the citys center for earn some money and start again is trip. The name of is ukulele is The Fenix, bought in Rome after a bad destiny of the previous instrument (the ukulele felt from the bike and met the big wheel of a car). Now the Fenix is belted really tight. Damien’s bike has got a name has well: The black flag, and from the rear has a flag like pirates. He is going to the north (maybe, who knows) but is interested to finish the “Loire a Velo”. We go in the same direction, so we can gain road togheter. 

We crossed many citys: Gien with tha castel and chatedral on the top of the hill, Briare, Saint firmin sur Loire, Châtillon, but evry places like that are linked togheter by BRIDGES!

The Loire is wide so need long bridges for pass over this big mass of wather.  On the Loire you can see many type of bridge. Made by briks, iron, cement but the best one, my favourite is this.

It look like a normal bridge, but it’s a canal bridge in Briare and is still passing boats on it! It link the two canal in the different side of the Loire and is been made in 1890/94. It’s still working!

Cycling toghter is good because the time pass fast and at 18 me and Damian find a perfect camping spot for pass the night. Before dinner he play is ukulele.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Ho my god ! BRIDGES EVERYWHERE !
    Yihaaaaaa ^^
    Thank you for the time shared together amico mio 🙂


    1. You are welcome mon amì. Guess what? I had a puncture today! Damn. You made a vodoo ritual on me! Thanks for your company. A la prochain fois


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