[ENG] Chartres-Saint Benoit sur Loire

I haven’t a good line for upload pictures. Be patient. At the next stop i’ll fix it! Sorry.

Chartres it’s a city of art and with a fantastic architectures passed by Eure river, used in the past for source of energy for watermills. A really huge chatedral called Notre Dame and “little” chuches around. The streets going throught the city in different levels. It’s a city builted on a hill so you should climb or descending the streets on a beutiful stones patway.

Over Chartres just road. Flat road or a litle bit hilly, but mostly flat and fast and a little bit of turbolence with a not clear direction of the wind. The wind its important for this area because many windmills for energy are been installed, but this technology it’s not new. You can find old windmills used for grind wheat.

And then road road road…. kilometers of road to Orleans.

Orleans it’s a city a few miles from the south of Paris. It’s been important for it comercial market made on the canal on Loire, a big river on the center of France. City on two level. A promenade on Loire and a hill with a big chatedral on the top. The city center’s patway it’s in smooth stones. The bridge which pass over the river are huge for the wide of the river and on the side of the rivers you can noted a big ruler of the level of the river and the previous floods. It’s incredible how much water is passing in case of flooding.

The Loire is my motorway at the moment. On the side of the river is possible to use a cycle road called “Velo Loire”. I follow the Loire to the south and obviusly the road it’s flat because on the side of the river. Even i’m protect by cars.

This night i sleep in Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire. See you tomorrow!


  1. Hello Davide, your adventure sounds amazing so far. I am following your blog everyday. How are you feeling ?? How much longer left of your journey? Have you past half way yet?

    Good luck,look after your self
    P.s. Your pictures are amazing especially the forrest one for yesterday’s blog.


    1. Thanks Namla! I’m good and i don’t want stop! I passed the half way from two days and i’m near home. It’s amazing. I advise to everybody to do a trip like that! Keep following me! Next time i’ll tell about another traveller like me, better than me. Se you!


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