Lucky. I passed a good night in the forrest. No humidity and hide from cars and then a clear sky with the moon light. The next morning it’s clear but a little bit foggy. 

After 10km i find a small village: le Sup. In the main square there is a small market with tipical product and cooked food (it smell nice). A small park with tipical houses. Pretty place. 

Nottingh to report for many km excluded Wind from my direction. I’m not complaining. Yesterday i was lucky with the wind from side or my back. For lunch time i’m in L’Aigle. City famous for a meteorite fall in 1803. It is the first prove of material from the space. In the XVIII century this kind of events were really wierd. L’Aigle has got small shops and good restourants and a beautiful tower

Verneuille sur l’Avre it’s a beautifull city. A chatedral, many shops, a big market and good boulangerie with sweets and fresh bread. The town look like the cities in England in Tudor’s style. It remind me Chester, the city at South of Manchester, without porticate. Beautiful city and not far from Paris.

The target of the day is gain kilometers. Dosen’t matter were i shoud sleep. Just go. But i paid the tiredness. Today i’m done and i’m stoped in Chartres. Tomorrow i’ll visit it, but at the moment i try to have a sleep.

See you tomorrow (the target of the new trip is Orlean and the Loire)

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