[ENG] Arromanches-Ticheville

I promise you. Today it’s my last blog about D-day. I finish with the beaches of the landing and i’ll not write anymore about!

Do you remember Arromanches’s artificial harbour? I think it was not clear about the structure.

If you zoom on the sea you can see the coloumn of the harbour. The harbour draw like a half circle around the baia. From the panoramic point it’s clear the importance of this structure.

About d-day i miss the beaches of Gold, Juno and Sward. Gold it’s the place of British landing. Juno is a dunes Beach. A really hard battelfield basicaly for the morfology of the terrain. The canadian army landed on this portion of beach. In the books of story they are not remembered like Americans and British, but they had a real battle on then portion of beah. Juno was the location of headquarter of defencer. The defence was massive and the canadian were really brave to gain the towers. One of this towers engaged a really violent battle and the occupant surrendered just when the canadian team was decimate to 21 units.

Anyway, i leave Juno for direct my bike to the south. I decide to leave the coast of Normandy and gain more kilometers to home, but everyone should find the time to visit the coast and realize what is happened the 6th of June.

If you would like avoid motorway and you need to go to the south from Caen you should pass arround plenty of small streets, but beautiful and with small village and every village has a Church. You can see in the gallery a few of this churches but one should be mentioned: l’eglise di Saint Pierre sur Dives. Huge and beautiful. William the conquer during his domoination way was a supporter of monacal life so he incentivate the religious orders to made the churches.

But the Normandy it’s not just war. We are in Franche and the food it’s awsome. I love cheese and i’m really happy to visit the place of the origin of camambert. It’s a creamy cheese with strong taste ana funny smell. The crost is soft and etable. In admit you i have one Camambert for dinner and now I don’t know if this stink it’s mine or from the cheese. This area is famous for Calvados. A spirit made from apple. The taste is really good. Try it! 

Before my stop i passed trough the Franch country. And i noted a small forrest. It’s incredible! I’ll pass the night here

And for dinner i’ve got my soup with a baguette and a piece of camambert. See tomorrow folks!

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