[ENG]Caen? No. Cherbourg

Have you readed the end of the post of yesterday? I was waiting about my dock in France/Caen. Plan B. The worker in Caen were not able to fix the ramp for unload veicles, so they decided to change harbor. Cherbourg, more north, more west. More far from home. Am I sad about it? Of course not. I remind you I do not have plan and second, now I have more place to see. I explain you. A couple of months ago, I tried to find a ferry for go in Cherbourg. Cherbourg was perfect for start my journey trough France and have a look around D-day’s coast, but far from the way to home. I was unhappt to miss part of the coast of Normandy, but Caen was more pratice. Now I MUST start from Cherbourg and I can not be upset.

I met a lot of people during the new trip. British people which are going to Spain and they may change the plan because is too late for have a full journey by car. People in tourism or people going home. Anyway I met again Frank. Nice guy. With him I realized how i’m rubbish with french language. I was convinced to be quite sufficient. I was wrong. A plenty of mistakes. Wrong pronunciation. I shuld work on it. Anyway dear mates of advenctures on the ship. I invite you to tell to everybody your bad trip. If you are reading this story you are welcome to write something in the comments below.

For me was a positive adventure. Maybe because it’s my first time on the ferry without rush. You can note invisible things at the eyes of people or maybe i’m just crazy.

The truck drivers were togheter, in small groups, talking about job. Some people was anoied about this situation, but they were the core of socialization inside the restorant (headquarter of drivers). Drivers from different country and everybody speaking different lenguages. They helped eachother for impove the understanding and it worked. Yes , maybe they were loud, maybe someone of the drivers didn’t understand everything, but was really interesting see people with this kind of feeling.

Some hilarious situation like a big guy which tried to going to the loo, but without toilet paper in every WC’s. He was running around all toilets. He escaped from my toilet and i don’t know his destiny.

At 15 we were ready to dock at Cherborou. Ready to go. Yes. Go where? During the second trip France/France i was not able to find road or places, so i just cycled random in Cherbourg. This city is and were important about the harbor. One of the nordest and nearest to ocean. It was reason of fortification for german and a good position to conquer by allied during the IIWW. The harbor has two line of walls. In the external one there is a fortification linked to land by the wall.

Was late but i had a lot of hours of light. The France use european time and i moved the watch forward one hour. Normandy is on the same timeline of UK so it’s like move forward the watch in England and this is how the afternoon is so long in Normandy. I was not really fit for cycling for long after the ship travel, so i just went to the east and followed the coast and i can say: wow.

The coast is fantastic even the inside and the road pass trough rocks cutted for have room inside the mountains. After a few of kilometers i found a camping field on the edge of the beach of Barfleur. A lovely village with a harbor for fisherman. A couple of shops and a good resturant where i ate a omlette with french fries and a crepe (thinny pancake). I did not eat any seafood, but it looked nice from the table of the other client.

This is what is happened yesterday! Sorry for the delay, but i was tired and i wake me late.


  1. Hi David
    The trip for us was not so bad we got a £126.00 refund!!
    Hope your trip goes well and will follow your progress.
    Ray bicknell


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