[ENG] Oxford to… FRANCE! 

Surprise! I’m in France already! It was not simple and I was lucky as well, but the most important think is arrive to te continent!

Yesterday was a great day!

I leave Oxford at ninish-tenish. I buy some snacks for the travel and ready. Just over Oxford I feel a constant wind from south. Yes. South. I was so luck to go in Oxford and now the wind change again direction.

Anyway it’s not time for cry, so I cycled and climbed Bear Hill. Why? I don’t know. My direction was Abingdon and I found many roads to go in there, but at least I’ve got Bear Hill. The first climb of the day after 2miles. I warmed up the legs. Descending to Abingdon and what I find is this!

A lovely place where the  Thames is small and quiet and you can cyclin or walk on the board of the river. 

I Go to the south. Avoid motorway. Avoid, yes, using secondary streets, and the meaning is: climb! And downihill against the wind but the view is amazing from West Ilsley. The good news is the street to Newbury through the forest which can protect me from the wind.

Newbury is a lovely city crossed by two rivers, Kennett and Lambourn. The Lambourn join in the Kennet a few of kilometers later and it’s used like a boat canal.

Again climb. Highclere. Next time I should get consideration about names of places. “High” it’s not a sign of flat road. After a eternal hill I find a crossing of roads at Hurstbourne Tarrant. I was suppose to go in Andover, but with the B3048 to Hurstbourn Priors I can cut the way and go straight away to Winchester and trust me, this way is amazing. Yes, fields and hills and sheep but a lot of beautifull houses. Old houses with thatched roofs. Amazing! I’m hungry so I decide for a stop in St Mary Bourne, a small village crossed by a river and where the bosses are the ducks. They dominate the river and the only bridge of the village and everyone should keep an eye on then. The ducks complain and shouting if you go too fast. Anyway at the only pub you can find good tea, a good menu for food and beer if you are thirsty. Walkers and cyclist are welcome.

The way is easy and flat to Winchester. Before it you can pass Hurstbourn Priory, Longparish beautiful posh village in the nature. Near Winchester I see a man “thach” a roof.

Winchester. Bautiful. Small but with a history. I suggest to visit the cathedral and the small ways. You can spend good time in one of the pub in city center.

In a fuel station I meet Will from island of Wright.he Is here for visit his sister which is going to live in France for good (her partner is gettin my same ship for France. They sad to shout the name of Dave around the ferry for find him. I’ll try) Will is a good cyclist and adventurer. Lover of England and beautiful place (because he is from a beautiful island, maybe). He helped me to find the way for Portsmounth. Thanks mate. I hope to see you again, maybe in a journey in Italy.

I’m tiried and 20 miles left. The last climb is between Wickham and Fareham. It’s not high but if you are tiried 10 meters of gap are like 100. I fall in an hypnotic ride till to see the sea of Portsmounth. The English channel. I can’t describe the emotion for see it.

I bought the ticket of the ferry 30 miles before, when I was sure to arrive in time. I never board a bike on a ferry. I’m been many time with the car, but I don’t know what the procedure for a bike. Well. The bike boarding is it:

You are like a car, in the dark, and you should use every light available for indicate your position. Anyway you are reason of hilarity for workers and cars, and I laugh as well. I queue with the other car I meet Frank. Flemish which live in Scotland. He is going home for a couple of month. Heavy bike traveler. He confirmed to go through the Loire over France and touch the Rhoen for arrive very close to Italian border. Climber like me. He is been on Valle Stretta (it’s supposed to say the name in french because is over the italian border but physically the Valle Stretta is been Italian for a plenty of years, like Moncenisio, but after IIWW borders changed and Italy loose this areas, but in my opinion is still Italian area). Hemm.. yes Valle Stretta, climbing. He is been there and in many place in Italy. Good man. Thanks for the glass of spirit at lemon flavour.

At 11pm the ferry leave England. Thank you England. Thank you Great Brittain for everytingh. I’ll come back! Promise. You are in my heart.

I’m supposed to sleep on an uncomfortable chair, no cabins available, but I remember i’m italian and I use my skills of boat traveller for find a place on the floor with my inflatable mattress and my sleeping bag. Perfect sleeping.pa11 Now i’m on the ship and I wait to touch the land. The ramp for descending veicles is broken so I should wait here. No rush. Too early for go outside.

Goodbye everybody. See you tomorrow for a new adventure!

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