[ENG] Leeds-Burton upon Trent

I started my Trip and for be honest i realized it many miles from Leeds. I Passed really fast Wakefield, Barsley and Sheffield. At the view of Sheffield I’m felt like Sam of “Lord of the rings”. Do you know when Sam has concern to go over the border of the Hobbit’s Shire? It’s pretty much the same. Over this point I never been. Over this point I could find trouble, tiredness, but over this point I should find a world to discover. Let’s go

The target is Burton upon Trent, in Derbyshire, to Valerio’s house, my mate from Italy, a nurse like me. From Sheffield I had two ways. Direct way by A61 and the A38 but a plenty of traffic, or the hardest way: Peak district national park. I decided for the second. I’m following my travel policy: have good time, see good place. At Owler Bar it’s started the hard job. Climbing the hills an descent it with heavy wind on my face. During the downhills I was like stuck for the wind e the only solution was cycling even.

I said goodbye to God’s country (Yorkshire…..Editor’s note) and joint in Derbyshire. The view from the Peak was amazing. It’s still England, but look a little bit different compared to Yorkshire. The Peak district Park it’s a Park full of rivers, fields and sheep. Small street with steep downhill or really high climb (it depend to the point of view).

In Derbyshire, In this season you can see the workers during the peparation of the fields. You feel the smell of manure, but it is perfume compared to the smog of the city. It’s the smell of the country. The good new for me is the flat road, but still had wind on my face.

Arrived in Burton in the late afternoon.

Small city. One of the capitals of the Beer. Famous for exporting beer throughout UK and World. You can not count the number of brewing company.

Now I should rest. My friend offered to stay here one day. I’ll check the wind and the weather. If the direction of the wind is not changed I’ll stay here another night.

See you tomorrow!

900miles left

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