The time is now

Alone in my room. I mean, my empty room. Lay to the wall my bike full of stuff. The bags on it look like exploding in a moment. My sleeping bag on the bed (FAQ n°1 “How you do with all your stuff?” ANSWER: “I sent a delevery by courier. Two packs. The rest all given to people who need my stuff or “bined”) and the cicling uniform ready to wear it tomorrow morning. Exited. Scared. Happy. Sad. I’ve got a list of every emotion which are passing trought my mind. But it’s time to go and I can not change idea! Can you imagine? Everything ready for ages, workout, buying stuff, promote to everyone the adventure and at the list: “sorry guys, I’m done”. Can You imagine? Not me. Tomorrow I’ll cycling to Italy and it’s the only target in my mind.

Before that I should say thanks to everyone. I’m sorry if I do not write any names, but the mole of people who I met it’s huge. I can’t risk to forget someone. Fair enough. You should know I’m sitting on the chair in my room and I can see the highlighs of the experience alredy done. I will miss everyone. I will miss this country. I do not have words to describe what I feeling. Just say thanks. I will cicling for every of you. Every miles is dedicated to the people met in this year.Thanks.

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