[ENG]Pont de Chéury-La Mure

I’m feeling really full of energy. The breakfast of the hotel it’s plentiful and i’m ready for climb the Alps. Yea. The Alps. I’m not really far from Grenoble and i decided to pass the Alps from d1091 or the way to Briancon passing through Serre Chevalier. It would be more sense pass to Col du Moncenis, not far from Lyon, but it’s still close because is passing a ski slope on the street for the lake on the top of the mountain (there is no more snow, but French prefered to keep this valic close with artificial snow. Ok. Fair enough). The route from serre chevalier it’s hard, but short, i can do it in three days.

The way for Grenoble is passing fast. Many climbs at the begining, but never mind. I’m really concentrated on the target. Grenoble. I’m so concentrated then duringba stop for fill my bottle i don’t note immediatly a fish inside the fountain. Ok. I’m i France……..

After miles i lift my head and i see it!


Far from Grenoble but the mountains are already in front of my eyes, and looks so high.

I studied in my mind the aproach. Just 100 miles, but the half part of a hard climb. 

But a problem compare in front of me.

The road for Briancon it’s close.


I can’t hide how much i was upset. Plan B. Go to Gap and aproach Briancon from Gap, a city in the south, by an alternative way, more light about pendency, but far. I can’t waste time, so i visit really fast Grenoble which look pretty, but i don’t have time for visit it!

I asked advise about the streets to get, and everybody said the same. The route from Gap to Briancon it’s easy. Yes. Probably, but what you say about the route fro Grenoble to Gap? A nightmare. Between Grenoble and Gap there is a plateau but you should climb first this plateau. 

The climb fro Vizille it’s hard and tight. The cars pass really close to you in a street with hard pendency. The turns are blinds and behind that you hope to find the peak. No way. More climb. I was upeset because this climbing it’s just my link to a city where i was not suposed to go and later, at the end of the plateau i will have a downhill e from Gap start again a climb. This is make me ungry! Don’t gain km and meters of altitude. I’m ungry.

I carry on. The car are starting to honk me like support me. Someone shout like the stadium or a bike race, someone give me a sign with the end. This is really helpful. The end of the climb it’s oxygen. 

I’m in Laffrey. This plateau it’s famous for the “Rencontre” by the Napoleon army vs Royal army. The story said: the two army met eachothers during the march to Paris by Napoleon in 1815. The royal army was ready to stop Napoleon but the iperator, whit a convincing speech, had the way to Grenoble open.

It’s late and i should stop for the night in LaMure.

See you!

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