[ENG] Burton-Oxford

It was just an idea, basically for gain time after the stop at Valerio’s house (thanks Vale, you saved my life). The idea was go to Oxford.

I started to cycling early. Vale is gone to work, so before 7 I aimed the south passing by Nuneaton and Coventry (A444). Infinite fields on my way. Fields and again fields and again and again. The show in front of my eyes was good but all time the same thing. Anyway I was concentrating to use the wind on my back (I improved the performance playing “Police on my back – The Clash”. It was wind on my back but the result is the same). I was a missile. Up and down to the hills. Notingh of exiting to report.Just riding and riding. 

I finished the water a Deddington and I found a Pub with a couple of bikes outside. I filled the bottle by coke and when I was ready to go I begun to talk by the owner of the bikes. We had a good time and I like to explain to the people this journey. Thanks guys for the support! We got a picture togheter. It’s not one of the best photo in the world but the photograper was a little bit unfit with my phone so we tried the selfie with bad light condiction and no room.

Thanks guys. I hope to see you soon. Maybe you can organize a travel to Italy by bike!

I realizzed with that guys how much I was close to Oxford so I decided to cycling to the city and after about two hours I was in front of my Hostel.

Well… i’m arrived at 2PM and it ment: all afternoon for visit the city!!

I’m been directly to Oxford castel or I should say: the little commercial Area inside the walls of the castel. It look posh  but I don’t like this kind of shops. Anyway on the right side of the castle you can visit the towers, used for many years like a prison. The guides in this tour are very smart and funny, dressed like a medieval people. They act the part of a characters which lived or be prisoned inside the caste. A guide like princess Matilde, daughter of Henry I,which told her story and her incredible escape from the rower during an invasion in Anarchy  period. The rest of the tour is focused on the use of the Towers like prison. I can’t immagine the condition of the prisoner where one of the activity of the day was walking for 10 hours in circle with the other prisoner. Inside the room at the base of the tower you can see the groove hollowed in the floor. Anyway, I suggest to visit it!

Obviously Oxford is famous for the University and the building of the college are a good attraction.

I visited one of the oldest college, the Ballion. It was sunday so, no one around excluded turist. Even yesterday was time for “The Boat Race”. The famous rowing regatta challenge between Oxford and Cambridge. It was unreal see inside the pubs people who watch rowing race with this tension,  but i’m Italian and the only sport in my country is the football, so this is the reason of my feeling. Anyway I liked this attachment at the University. For the male won Oxford and for Ladies Cambridge. Anyway, i’m been in Ballion college. A beautiful place and the admission is just 2quids for joint in a suggestive location with gardens, banch where it’s supposed to study phisics or English literature and a small pub for the students full of picture of the teams who won various activity like rugby, chess and a plenty of sports. The Hall is huge and full of draw of the previous Masters or Chancellor of the univerisity, big windows and a big pipes organ.

Oxford apear really clean and special for the acprchitetures of the building. Anyway I advise everyone to visit Oxford

Today I will try the best for be really close to porthsmount.

Anyway I say a big CIAO to my nephew Leonardo. One of my best supporters. Bye Leonardino

See you soon!


  1. Hi Davide
    Well done for getting to Oxford so quickly you must be superhuman 🏍travel safely
    Regards Peter (Ex Landlord)


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