Improduttive day. I mean, zero miles. I had good time with my friend Valerio and today i’ll ride to the South.

Anyway, i do not waste time. 


Many of my friends are asking constantly many question about my journey, so, it’s time to answer!

FAQ1: Before leaving Leeds you had a lot of stuff. Dresses, items, any kind of stuff. How did you manage with that?

Two boxes sent by courier, plus a luggage brought back in Italy by my girlfriend (thank you Charlotte). The rest is been: sold, donate, archived in the bin.

FAQ2: Have you planned your trip?

Yes. I started from Leeds and i’ll finish at Bussoleno. That is it. Notingh else. I will plan day by day my jurney.

FAQ3: Where should you sleep?

I sleep in B&B, guest houses, people who invite me. If I do not find any accommodations i’ve got a camping tent.

FAQ4: How many miles a day have you planned?

I don’t have plan. Remember!

FAQ5: How do you publish posts?

The first logistic problem it’s write a blog during my travel. I’ve got a tablet and a mobile phone end it’s very hard to manage. Apologies for every inconvenience, error or whatever. I try to do the best. If you find some grammar mistake it’s my fault. I do not blame technology.

FAQ6: Why are you updating in the morning of the day after?

Because I would like a fix pubblishing time. Just for keep the standard. The second reason is: don’t tell to anyone where I sleep. You can know it the day after.

Ok. If you have question please write a comment.

Mmm I did not publish any picture. Ok. Random picture!!

See you tomorrow

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