Whitby from Leeds

My first article. My first real ride in two days for training myself before the big jurney. Start the 1st of March from Leeds and back the 2nd in Leeds again. One night in Whitby.
Start at 8:20; cold, about 5°C, but not bad compared to other days.
My first stop is York, not far from Leeds, by A64. I’m been in York by bike many times, so the road it’s not a mystery. Pretty flat, not much, but enough for be in York very quickly.

York Minister. Main Cathedral of York Diocese

From York it’s all new form me. Little ride on a secondary road for Stockton and at the end of it come back on A64 for Malton. At Malton you can decide two ways: the road for Pickering for take the A164, the road which pass through the hilly York Moor National Park, or go to Scarborough and go to North for Whitby.

I decided for the Park and i have not regretted.

Up and down for the street. After every climb up the hill a fall down the nature.
Many miles later i found my last stop of the day. Whitby!

It’s really stupid explain to the people of Yorkshire what is Whitby, but for the people who are never been, from the eyes of a italian guy it’s one of the last harbors uncontaminated from modern life. I mean, you can find good old shops of tipical stuff, swetees, classic fish and chips resturant and other tipical resturant of english food, like Humble Pie & Mash. Keyword: PIE!!!! A lot o Pie and smash potatoes, pees or gravy. Pretty cheep and good quality. Really unformal place with checked tablecloths, a good story of the place written on the menu and the rule: they do not sell alchool but they are happy if you cross the road and order your drink in the pub in front of the resturant and back with many glasses of your favourite beer. Wierd, but funny.I slept in YHA behind the Abbey, at the top of the 199 steps, near the Church of St.Mary. Lovely place with a beautiful view of the city and a good breakfast.

The next morning it’s the day for the return, but i changed way. I decided to visit Robin Hood bay. Downhill the bay and a really huge climb for catch the A171 for Scarborough. The ride went good, but after Scarborough i realized the event which changed the destiny of my jurney: a really huge front of wind on my face. The forecast on internet said 18mi/h from York. When i passed the turn at Staxton for continue for Malton i realized how much is hard ride in a windy day. However my average dropped really fast. I felt to be fix with the wheels on the road. I losted energy for many miles and when i saw Malton and the light time left i realized which the best way was get the train for come back in Leeds. I’m feeling a looser, but it very dangerous with a wind like today. Anyway, i’m happy as well. Great time and great places. I love Yorkshire.


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