[ENG]Saint clement de Verse – Pont de Chéury

I’m ready to attack the hill at 9 but guess what? The rear wheel of my bike have a puncture. Anyway i’m lucky because the river is just behind me and i find fast the TWO holes in my tube. The hill it’s not hard and the pendency is light. In about one hour i’m on the peak of the Col the Écharmeaux but i don’t have time for celebrate so i go with my bike down on the other valley. The way for Lyon. 

It’s a long downhill an i touch high speed. I try to avoid every risk but the bike it’s going without my help. I can note the luxuriant vegetation. Indeed on the side of the street are many the industies which use wood for obtain palings and beams. 

In short time i arrive in Lyon.

I lose a lot of time to find the streets for the city center and i think i pass from a double carrige way which forbidden for bikes, but i’m still alive. Anyway this waiting is been payed by the wonderfull city. 

It’s the third city of France about popolation, but with the perifery it’s huge. Lyon it’s in a continuos changhing. If you think i’m been here three times and it look so differtent each time when i’m been. It’s a city which try to keep up with the time. It’s passed by two rivers. The Rhone and the Saône. Like the Loire, the wide of this rivers it’s important, so the city it’s full of bridges. Every areas of the city has got 3-4 bridges for pass one or booth rivers and some of this are really pices of art. 

Two rivers two different “promenades”. Obviusly the city could be visited by the two patway on the rivers. Than are like motorway for the bike and a place for entertaiment with a lot of pubs on the boats and pices of grass for take the sun. And last but not list, the anciet center of Lyon it’s under Unesco’s Protection. So. Go to visit Lyon.

The reception of the camping where i supposed to sleep is close, so i should find a solution for clean my clotes (automatic laundry) and i find a small hotel, but i’m a little bit more far where i supposed to be. Anyway. See tomorrow.


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